frequently asked questions

Who should I call to report a loss?
Call us at (731) 642-0673 and we will ask you a few questions to get the information we need to start the claims process.

How do I know if my claim will be covered?
A good place to start is by reviewing your policy. You also may want to ask us help you understand what coverage you've purchased and how it applies to your particular claim.

Will my premium increase if I file a claim? 
It depends in part on the terms of your policy, how many claims you've filed in the past and insurance regulations in your state.

What's a deductible?
It's the portion of a covered loss that, according to your policy, you've agreed to pay before we start paying for costs of the loss. For example, if you have a covered loss of $2,000 and your policy carries a $500 deductible, you'll pay the first $500 and we'll pay the remaining $1,500. In exchange for agreeing to pay a deductible, you pay lower policy premiums each year.

Will I still have to pay the deductible if I wasn't at fault?
No matter who's at fault, you may still have to pay a deductible for certain coverages. We'll try to recover that cost from the responsible party or the insurer of the responsible party, and we'll return your deductible to you if we succeed.

Should I file a police report for a loss or theft?
We recommend filing a police report immediately any time you experience an auto accident, property theft, or vandalism to your property.